Cultural Connections

Funding has been provided over the 3 years from 2013-2016 to support the development and implementation of a cultural perspectives project to complement landholder engagement and provide opportunities for Aboriginal people with interest in the K2W landscape to participate and benefit from the project. The following outlines a package of activities proposed as part of the project.


The project will seek to:

  1. Provide a focus for collaboration between Aboriginal stakeholders and landholders in the K2W Link, based on an appropriate foundation of consultation and engagement.
  1. Deliver events, activities and products to present knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal cultural philosophy in relation to country, and related obligations of Aboriginal people in engaging with landholders.
  1. Develop, pilot and implement a ‘flagship’ annual cultural event and periodic schools and Landcare activities (including cultural festival, talks, workshops) to promote understanding of Aboriginal cultural values across the landscape.
  1. Collate information and local knowledge about cultural values in the K2W Link, and priorities for future investment to support development of funding proposals for collaborative projects.
  1. Provide opportunities for direct involvement of Aboriginal people in training and employment associated with joint ventures and connectivity restoration projects.
  1. Provide the basis for information sharing about projects, achievements and lessons learned in cultural heritage projects with other GER regional partnerships.

Long Term Outcomes

The project will achieve:

  1. An improved understanding of how Aboriginal interests in biodiversity management, education and tourism can best be integrated with connectivity restoration efforts across the K2W Link landscape.
  1. Improved landholder capacity to understand and work with Aboriginal people to develop and implement projects covering a range of issues (eg. Threatened species and habitat, threats, recovery actions, Cultural significance and uses of natural resources).
  1. A more culturally comprehensive approach to integrating Aboriginal cultural philosophy in environmental education, ecotourism and biodiversity management.
  1. An increased level of involvement from, and understanding within, Aboriginal communities of environmental education, tourism, biodiversity management and conservation connectivity.
  1. Increased opportunities for training and involvement of Aboriginal people in connectivity restoration projects, traditional burning practice, communications, event management and arts.
  1. An improved understanding within the Aboriginal Community of the GER and connectivity conservation.
  1. Improved understanding of environmental management issues and cultural connections of landscapes and sites, native habitats and species.

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