Objectif Sciences International is coming to Australia

October 3-5, 2017, the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife and the K2W Glideways Program is bringing Objectif Sciences International (OSI) Stage 1 Training to Sydney.

OSI, founded in Geneva in 1992, is an education model centred around Participatory Research Stays. In other words, science camps for children, adults and families in spectacular locations examining amazing things.

“The idea is to deliver high quality scientific holiday stays where motivated scientific educators go out of their way to prove formidable scientific adventures in which participants commit themselves to a better world,” says Mary Bonet, K2W Glideways coordinator.

Being involved with OSI offers environmental educators unique, innovative and world-wide opportunities to lead or take part in participatory research projects focussed on sustainable development, nature and the environment.

OSI’s methods are distinctive, refined through 25 years of real-world implementation and experience. It’s a global program that enjoys Special Consultative Status of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, enabling the NGO to contribute directly to the work of the UN.

“The aim of the Stage 1 course is to make you competent and independent in the field of science education,” Says Mary Bonet, K2W Glideways Coordinator.  “It caters for all professionals experienced in teaching and science education, as well as novices who may be interested in pursuing a career in the field of teaching, camp supervision or education,” she says.

Of course, there are many experienced and gifted environmental educators already practicing in Australia, however, the Stage 1 training is still relevant and offers opportunities to diversify interests and expand on current teaching opportunities.

“The Stage 1 training is a requirement for joining OSI and helping to deliver OSI research camps,” says Mary. “It is also mandatory for anyone wishing to apply for a position as an educator directly with OSI.”

The course is not just for environmental educators but also for those working in other scientific fields, along with parents, guardians and environmental enthusiasts from communities around the world wishing to help plan or deliver local camps using the OSI model.

Following the Stage 1 training, an Australian Chapter of OSI will form to support the incorporation of the OSI model into existing education programs, such the Foundations’ Backyard Buddies and K2W Glideways.

“It’s a golden opportunity for other great Science, Stem and Environmental education programs to get involved with OSI,” says Mary.  “As well as being able to liaise and share knowledge with Environmental Science Educators from around the world and promote programs to a larger audience both here in Australia and abroad,” she says.

Thanks to the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife and K2W Glideways, the fee for the Stage 1 course is only 100,00€  (approx $150 AUD) (excluding accommodation and meals). To participate, please complete the registration form by following the link http://www.osi-start.org/en/formations/362-st1-australia-en.html    Following your registration, you will receive an invoice along with further information including directions to the venue.3

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