#WED2016 Looking for a way to celebrate World Environment Day?

Scientists and inquisitive community members will converge on Trunkey Creek NSW over the 3rd and 4th June to survey birds, lizards, mammals, frogs, fish, plants, and other wildlife. A “BioBlitz” is where a group of scientists, naturalists and community volunteers undertake biological surveying in a chosen area with the purpose of recording as many species of plants, animals, microbes, fungi, and other organisms as possible.

The BioBlitz is being hosted by Kanangra Boyd to Wyangala Link  (K2W) partnership, the local partnership of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative, and will bring together a range of organisations and community groups that have an interest in conserving biodiversity in the region.


The event kicks off on Friday with a ‘schools only’ session until 2:30pm. Five local schools and approximately 80 students will participate. The general community is invited to get involved from 6pm Friday through to 4pm Saturday. The public program includes dinner/talk and spotlighting..

This free community event will feature expert-lead wildlife surveys conducted at Trunkey Creek. Surveys will include birdwatching, trapping of small mammals, bats, and Squirrel Gliders.

According to Mary Bonet K2W Facilitator, “this event provide a rare hands-on opportunity for school kids and the general community to find out what is living in their backyard and experience and learn about the K2W links rich diversity of animal species, many of which are threatened.”

 The event base will be located at the Trunkey Creek Showground with camping and facilities available on site, as well as in Abercrombie Caves National Park.

The event is being hosted by Upper Lachlan Landcare with funding through NSW Government’s Environmental Trust and  Local Lands Services

For more information about the BioBlitz and to register your interest visit http://www.glideways.org.au or contact Mary Bonet ph 0459352892 mary@upperlachlanlandcare.org.au



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