Seeking Local knowledge- Gliding possums

Can you tell the difference between a sugar and a squirrel glider? Have you ever seen them in the wild? These are some of the questions that local residents are being asked as part of a campaign to find out more information about these iconic species.

The Kanangra Boyd to Wyangala partnership (K2W) is a collection of local organisations, community members and landholders who have been working collaboratively since 2012 to protect our wildlife and natural resources by reconnecting habitat across the Abercrombie River corridor.

In 2016 the K2W partnership received funding through the Environmental Trust and South East Local Land Services- National Landcare Programme to develop the Glideways program, a collaborative suite of projects to help conserve gliders and their habitat.

“Gliders are an important indicator of ecosystem health. By focusing our projects around maintaining and improving habitat for gliders we are in turn ensuring that a range of other plants and animals benefit too.”

“This survey will help us get a better understanding of what the local community knows about these species and other species that occur in the area to help us target our education and our conservation efforts.”

“Gliders are an iconic and important part of the Australian landscape and it would be tragedy to lose them. By working together we can make a real difference for this important species and ensure that they are around for our grandkids to enjoy,” says Mary Bonet, K2W Facilitator.

The surveys can be completed online at following link: 

And there will be some hard copies available at the Crookwell Tourist Information Centre.

We have some great prizes to give away including Glider Gift packs and family pass to Taronga Zoo.


Some of the great prizes on offer:

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