Murnongs on menu for AGM & Dinner

The Upper Lachlan Catchment Coordinating Committee recently held its AGM at the Breadalbane Hall. Over 40 people attended the meeting and stayed on for a dinner with Guest Speaker award winning author Bruce Pascoe.

Nerida Croker was re-elected as chair and gave a lengthy talk on the achievements of the ULCCC Inc and Regional Landcare network over the past 12 months. (will get copy to post here).

Former Chair- Jenny Bell was elected as vice president alongside Vince Heffernan of the B/BCLandcare Group (now part of Gunning District).

Janet Heffernan has taken on the role of secretary (also of  B/BCLandcare Group (now part of Gunning District).

Deb Macpherson (Breadalbane Plains Landcare) was returned as Treasurer .

John O’Brien (Lost River) Public Officer

and some new committee members; John Mitchell (Roslyn Landcare) and Gillian Malcolm (Breadalbane Plains)

Bruce Pascoe’s talk was based on his latest book- Dark Emu; Agriculture or Acccident and some of the projects that he has underway involving Indigenous Agriculture.

The Upper Lachlan Landcare network were very impressed by this talk and the crowdfunding campaign that Bruce has established see link below

Sow the Seed:Aboriginal Agriculture

The committee have pledged to support this project for $1000 through funds won by former chairperson Jenny Bell in a Landcare award.


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