Crookwell Connectivity Challenge- 20 Million trees/Green Army

The Crookwell Connectivity Challenge 20 Million tree programme at Lost River is well under-way with sites ready for direct seeding in coming weeks and areas for tubestock already in the ground thanks to the Crookwell Green Army team and the Crookwell High School outreach program- Links to Learning.


Angus Taylor, member for Hume and his staff have been great supporters of Landcare activities in the Upper Lachlan and it was a great opportunity to showcase the works being undertaken as part of the Crookwell Connectivty Challenge to Angus at John O’Briens property “Boobalaga” last week.

John O’Brien with Angus Taylor MP


John O’Brien, former Upper Lachlan Treasurer and founding member of Lost River Landcare group hosted the visit by Angus Taylor.

“The Crookwell Community Connectivity Challenge is a terrific initiative to encourage Crookwell landholders to improve on-farm biodiversity. It is an easy step application process that works well for farmers.The Crookwell project has built on previous revegetation activities in the Crookwell area, as landholders have seen the multiple benefits of wildlife corridors” John O’Brien Said.

“Projects such as Crookwell Challenge and GreenGrid are absolutely critical, as many landholders simply cannot afford to undertake revegetation without funding assistanceGrowing trees is like putting money in the bank – trees increase property values, and are all about the next generation and generations to come.”  He said.

The Crookwell Community Connectivity Challenge funded by 20 Million Trees Programme is a partnership between Greening Australia, Upper Lachlan Landcare and TransGrid through the long-running GreenGrid program and Crookwell Green Army team (Crookwell Connectivity Challenge).

The Crookwell Community Connectivity Challenge aims to engage landholders, Landcare, the Green Army (Crookwell team) and the broader community in undertaking revegetation activities that will connect important ecological communities (Box Gum & Snow Gum woodlands) planting around 25,000 (through direct seeding and handplanting) These activities will provide conservation and agricultural production outcomes in this important wool and potato growing region. Multi-beneficial outcomes include provision of habitat for threatened woodland birds and other wildlife, shelter for stock, improved grazing management and broader community engagement to raise awareness of natural resource management.

Upper Lachlan Landcare really appreciates the interest that Angus and his staff have taken in Crookwell connectivity Challenge and Green Army team and it was great to be able to show them how well the current project is progressing.The Crookwell Challenge project works because of good partnerships. In this case, Landcare and Greening Australia were able to quickly engage landholders with capacity to undertake the required works, and TransGrid through the GreenGrid program has funded the fencing, which is an expensive but necessary component of most revegetation projects and having the Green Army team to assist with labour including fencing, seed collection and planting has been a huge bonus.


Greening Australia and Landcare are looking at the future 20 million tree rounds, we have so many landholders who are wanting to do projects so we are currently working on submitting new applications and We will definitely look towards future Crookwell Green Army teams after the positive response we have had with the current team.

Landholders who are interested in getting involved in future projects should contact Haydn Burgess at Greening Australia (0439 030 059) or Mary Bonet at Upper Lachlan Landcare (0459 352 892).

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