Workshop with Craig Sponholtz at Binda


After the huge success of the erosion control workshop with Craig Sponholtz, (Watershed Artisans Inc)  world-leading expert in watershed restoration,  last year at  Breadalbane, we have been working on trying to get Craig back to Australia to run a followup. Fortunately with the assistance of LachLandcare and RegenAg we were able to organise a one day workshop at Binda on behalf of the  Lost River Landcare Group on June 1st.

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The workshop was held in the Binda Memorial Hall followed by a field trip to Rod Hoare’s property “Cadfor” to discuss local creek and gully erosion issues and to look at options to rehydrate the landscape using techniques that harness natural hydrology to self-repair riparian zones and watersheds .

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“In Binda I met with landholders facing the same issues and uncertainty in how to approach them as I have across the globe over the past 10 years. My hope is, that after speaking with these fine folk that they will be able, with assistance from the likes of Upper Lachlan Landcare supporting them, adapt some of the techniques I presented to local conditions and share those experiences over time with more landholders within the region.” Mr Sponholtz said

Key messages from the day

•   Good land management is the first step to controlling erosion

•   Degradation of a catchment, is the cumulative effect of the management decisions taken by every landholder within the catchment

•   Erosion is something that the average farmer can repair themselves with the materials available on their farm once they have a basic knowledge of the symptoms and causes of landscape degradation and how nature heals itself

•   A focus on management practices that prevent erosion in the first place is better than having to cure erosion as a result of detrimental management practices

Course notes available for download here:WatershedArtisans_2014_handout

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The Workshop organized in partnership with RegenAG and sponsored by LachLandcare, the regional Landcare network.

The tour in New South Wales included Tumbarumba, Grenfell, Rye Park and Binda and then locations in far north Queensland.

Upper Lachlan Landcare hopes to bring Craig back to the catchment for a follow-up workshop in the future.

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