Our newest Landcare Group- Biala/Blakney Creek

Contributed by Vince Heffernan – President of Biala/Blakney Creek Landcare Group

On Sunday 13th April at “Billengin”, Bulleys Crossing a meeting was held that resulted in the formation of a new Landcare Group; the Biala/Blakney Creek Landcare Group [BBCLG].  The gathering was addressed by Lori Gould of Greening Australia [GA] who explained the various funding options GA have.  Of great interest was their locally conceived and nationally adopted “Whole of Paddock Restoration” or WOPR for short.  Lori explained that this seeks not only to add native trees & shrubs into the landscape but to do so in ways that are compatible with grazing and significantly,  as a first for projects of this ilk, it compensates farmers with stewardship payments for potential loss of income during the establishment period of the project.  She also elaborated on successful projects like those financed by Transgrid and the widely praised “Rivers of Carbon” that has seen fencing, trees, and even dams funded for landholders.  New members of the BBCLG were thrilled to see that they too could benefit from this funding.  Also speaking was Melissa Henry of the newly formed Local Land Service [LLS].  It is expected that the LLS will also have a suite of funding options for landholders in this geographical area and Melissa elaborated on likely opportunities for members of the BBCLG.
The initiative of setting up this new Landcare Group seeks to fill a need in the local community of landholders and residents.  Almost immediately there are benefits for the new members with free training provided for fox baiting accreditation as well as free fox baits.  Landholders should direct membership enquiries to Nerida Hart [secretary] {nerida@hartknowledge.com.au} or Vince Heffernan [president] 0419998848.

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