ULCCC Inc. AGM and Open discussion ecological management of weeds in the regeneration of healthy soils with Walter Jehne

The ULCCC Inc. AGM was held at Breadalbane on Thursday 20th March. All positions remained the same and the committee was all returned. Details from the AGM available here:

Nerida Croker’s report : Chairpersons report ULCCC Inc AGM

The AGM was  followed by a dinner and open discussion facilitated by Walter Jehne from Healthy Soils Australia on “The ecological management of weeds in the regeneration of healthy soils and Landscapes.”

Walter Jehne is a retired scientist with a specialist background in soil microbiology and plant ecology who has worked in Australia and overseas, including for CSIRO. He is now part of a not-for-profit group, Healthy Soils Australia, a leading industry innovator in helping farmers realise outcomes via improved soil and land regeneration practices and a key contributor to Soils for Life.

With so much of the Upper Lachlan Landcare network focus on soil health and controlling weeds it was only fitting to have a guest speaker who brought those two topics together.


Walter challenged our perception of weeds; Why are they there? the role that they play in  regenerating the landscape? And how much of a real issue are they?

It was a great opportunity for many of our land managers to debate some of these ideas with Walter in small groups.

We were also fortunate to have the Breadalbane catering team headed up by Libby Webster to keep us well nourished for this topical discussion.

More information about ecological weed management can be found on the Soils for Life Website http://www.soilsforlife.org.au/




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