Macquarie Perch-Life on the edge of extinction- research project in the Abercrombie

Prue McGuffie is a Phd Student who is currently undertaking research in the Abercrombie River identifying the habitat and flow requirements for the succesful spawning and recruitment of  Macquarie Perch.

Read about her research here and you can follow her project on FaceBook

mac perch

Brochure: Identifying Important Habitat and Flow Requirements for Macquarie Perch

Identifying the important habitat and flow requirements for the successful spawning and recruitment of Macquarie Perch. Prue McGuffie

Macquarie Perch (Macquaria australasica) is an Australian native fish listed as Endangered. There are now only four substantial self-sustaining remnant populations remaining (AbercrombieRiver, upper MurrumbidgeeRiver, CotterRiver and Dartmouth Dam) These populations are isolated from each other and require active management to assist with population recovery.

There is currently a lack of knowledge on the specific habitat and flows Macquarie perch require to breed and recruit (the addition of new members into a population through reproduction) successfully. This information is vital to help guide managers and the community in river rehabilitation to aid the recovery of this species.

This project will use acoustic telemetry to track fish movement and habitat use. Acoustic tags will be surgically implanted into 40 Macquarie perch from the Upper Murrumbidgee and 40 from the AbercrombieRiver from Tuena to Bumaroo Ford. These tags emit a signal every 5 minutes or so. Listening stations or receivers will be placed within the river to record whenever a tagged fish moves into that area.

Using this technology researchers will be able to determine:

  •    How far Macquarie perch move in general
  •    Home range
  •    What flows trigger Macquarie perch to move
  •    Where they move to spawn
  •    What makes good spawning habitat

For more information on the project or if you see receivers

being tampered with please contact:

Prue McGuffie

PH: 02 44789 120 or


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