Upper Lachlan’s Citizen of the year; Bob Spiller -The Perfect Secretary

By Ann Darbyshire

Bob Spiller was described by Genevieve Starr, president of the Jerrawa Creek Landcare Group as the calibre of secretary that every voluntary organization loves to have, a sentiment echoed by JCLG past president, Eric Dowling.

As secretary to JCLG for a dozen years, Bob Spiller has been meticulous with minutes, meeting protocols and correspondence but more importantly he has been tireless in organizing guest speakers, workshops, field days and forums not to mention attracting grant funds. He continues to foster enthusiasm and action for land care not only amongst members of Jerrawa Creek Landcare Group but in the wider community.  Bob’s newsletters are keenly anticipated both for their information and their witty comment.

Working with the executive of JCLG, Bob was largely instrumental in the successful running of the highly regarded and awarded Water Summit that in turn lead to the influential report “LandWaterLife“.  From this foundation document sprang the acclaimed “Tussock Tamer” project that continues today, being used as a template for action by other land care groups.

For all his dedicated hard work, enthusiasm and energy in the cause of Landcare as expressed through the JCLG with the staunch support of his wife Rosemary, Bob Spiller is a most worthy choice for Shire Citizen of the Year – well deserved congratulations on your award Bob!

Genevieve Starr describing Bob Spiller Upper Lachlan's Australian of the year the calibre of secretary that every voluntary organization loves to have.
Genevieve Starr describing Bob Spiller Upper Lachlan’s citizen as the perfect secretary that every voluntary organization would love to have

Here is a list of some of Bob’s Achievements

  • Secretary of Jerrawa Creek Landcare Group for 12 years (previously Vice President in 2001) Bob Spiller continues to build on the success of earlier committee members
  • Principal  organizer of the Water Summit conceived by then JCLG President Vince Heffernan, that was awarded Australia Day Shire Community Event of the Year for 2007
  • Facilitated the important research study and report “LandWaterLife”, the baseline foundation document for future land care renewal in the catchment.
  • Promoted and championed the highly successful “Tussock Tamers” project that grew out of “LandWaterLife”.  This project continues after its introduction six years ago and has been taken up by other land care groups as a template for tackling this noxious weed.
  • Responsible for organizing many workshops including “Old Codger’s” for farm safety and dam water quality following on from dam makeovers won in a competition he organized.
  • Organized numerous information sessions, guest speakers, workshops and field days of which the Ladevale field day in 2013 on Serrated Tussock complete with spray helicopter, contractors and expert guest speakers is but one example.
  • Continues JCLG’s projects with students of the Gunning and Dalton schools.
  • Organised the Barbour Park planting day with school and community involvement.
  • Negotiated a project in co-operation with the Upper Lachlan Shire for beneficial plantings around the new water storage facility.
  • Produces and publishes regular newsletters that both inform and entertain.
  • Alert to the changing focus of land care funding bodies, he applied successfully for many grants that have allowed JCLG to fund public and private land care projects
  • A member of Upper Lachlan Landcare on which he advises about the Tussock Tamer project.

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