All about Pest Animals- Fullerton Hadley

The Fullerton Hadley Landcare group held a pest animal info day in September as part of their Great Eastern Ranges Initiative Kanangra Boyd to Wyangala link GERK2W Community Landcare Grant. 25 local landholders and stakeholders attended the event at Kempton Hall. IMG_9055 (1024x683) The aim of the day was to provide knowledge to landholders in the area, so that pest animals can be controlled effectively and efficiently. The group identified several significant pest animal problems in the area, and reported that the impact of pest animals in the  environment is increasing. IMG_9049 (1024x749) Tablelands LHPA Ranger Mark McGaw gave the workshop attendees an overview of Pest animals and their management including:

  • What to look for (tell tale signs such as tracks , damage, scats etc)
  • Know the target  ( breeding season, preferred harbour, diet  etc)
  • When is the best time to control them
  • How to control them
  • Group control

IMG_9060 (1024x683) Latest control options

The group discussed issues such as pest management control for absentee landholders and the best approach to running a coordinated approach. The idea of running a Pest Animal Info day is to plan for a community driven coordinated approach.  The group will now be able to look at funding to run a Pest animal control program in the coming year.

Other groups in the Upper Lachlan Catchment particularly in the K2W area are invited to run one of these Pest Animal Info days in their area using the contact fom at the end of this post.

As usual the Fullerton Hadley catering team did an amazing job keeping everybody well fed with a delicious lunch and a large selection of cakes and fruit, making it a most enjoyable day. IMG_9051 (1024x683)

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