An invitation to Landcare NSW’s Biennial Muster

An invitation to Landcare NSW’s Biennial Muster

Landcare NSW Inc exists to be a strong representative body to work for grassroots community driven natural resource management in NSW. (including Bushcare, Coastcare, Dunecare, ‘friends of’ groups and sustainable production groups). Every two years we hold a Muster where Landcare networks, groups and members can raise Landcare and broader natural resource and environmental issues, and develop strategies to address issues raised.

This year, the Muster is being held in association with the 2013 Landcare and Catchment Management Forum at Newcastle. Previous Musters have been held at Tamworth, Queanbeyan, Port Macquarie and Parkes.

This Muster will be an opportunity to hear from Landcare NSW about their wins in seeking a fairer go for Landcarers. The challenges and opportunities for Landcare with the transition to the new Local Land Services organisations are sure to figure highly. It will also be an opportunity to assess and discuss the current state of Landcare and to give direction to Landcare NSW and its management committee about what it should focus on for the next two years.

You will also get to rub shoulders with Landcarers from across the state and learn what is going on in other locations.

Where:                Newcastle City Hall 290 King Street, Newcastle NSW 2300

When:                   9AM (sharp) to 12noon

Cost:                      Free

Who is it for:     Anyone. For Landcare office bearers and volunteers. Professional NRM staff. Interested community members.

(It is free and available to those who are not attending the full Landcare and Catchment Management Forum.)


For more info check  call 02 8008 8573 or contact

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