Kiamma Creek – Pretty in Pink


IMG_7986 (1024x683)

As all Landcarers know if you want to get some tree planting done there is no better group to call upon than an enthusiastic group of school children. With the willows removed from the first section of Kiamma Creek the Landcare group, Council and Catchment Authority were keen to see the revegetation happen as quickly as possible. Fortunately the very willing and capable students from St Mary’s Primary school were quick to volunteer to get the job done.

The 19 yr 4 students from St Mary’s were assisted by Margaret Carr and John Hanley from the Upper Lachlan Shire Council, Gen Reardon from the Lachlan CMA, Kiamma Creek Landcarers Cllr. Malcom Barlow and Barry Murphy, and Upper Lachlan Landcare’s, John O’Brien, Nerida Croker and Mary Bonet.

IMG_7952 (1024x683)

The students very quickly picked up the tree planting technique and with many hands making light work the job was done before lunch.

Margaret Carr selected a combination of Eucalypts and Casuarinas and the site was well prepared by Matt Kilby from Global Land Repair incorporating soil health principles utilising mineral and microbe balancing into the tree planting process. With a specially designed corkscrew auger on his  BobCat to dig the individual holes which strips the grass away, elimating  the need for weed control, it deep rips the hole and cones it out without leaving polished edges. Matt also supplied the group with a special tree fertiliser and Tree-Mycorrhiza inoculant, ( as our recent soil biology students would recall, a fungi that live in a beneficial relationship with roots) to increase the tree roots access to water and nutrients.

IMG_7939 (1024x683)

And the most visible of the aids to assist with the growth of the trees is the very pink tree guards which look quite striking along the creekside. Why Pink? “Visible light can be split into a spectrum of colours. Green leaves absorb light from the red fraction to drive photosynthesis. Research has demonstrated that the colour pink reflects and focuses the red fraction, concentrating this photosynthetic energy to enhance plant growth.”Mr Kilby said

And the pink not only helps the trees; money from the sale of the Pink Tree Guards are donated to the McGrath Foundation to help fund Breast care nurses for regional, rural and remote centres across Australia.

For more information about Global Land Repair and their Tree planting services visit

Misha, Emily and Kiara (1024x683)

Misha Emily and Kiara with Barry Murphy. Misha was excited to plant a tree for the first time and by the end of the day had planted 5 trees and she can’t wait to bring her father to the creek to show him.

Harry Haze and Liam Croke (1024x683)


Harry Haze and Liam Croke putting the finishing touches on the newly planted eucalpt. Harry said his favourite part of the day was banging in the stakes on the tree guards.

Meg Alex and Georgia (1024x683)

Meg, Alex and Georgia, had the tree planting technique mastered in minutes and with careful hands treating the trees with love and care.

The students efforts were highly praised by all involved in the day, and a very enjoyable time was had by all.  Now lets hope the careful preparation, the loving planting and this beautiful rain will give these trees a great start to a long and healthy life along the Kiamma Creek.







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