Succesful Funding for Healthy Soils, Healthy People, Healthy Communities project


Upper Lachlan Landcare has been successful obtaining a Community Landcare Grant for our Healthy Soils, Healthy People, Healthy Communities project through the Federal Governments Caring for our Country for $49,000.

The project will commence in August 2013 and run through to August 2014.

Project Description: The decline of our soils is a major concern of landholders in the Upper Lachlan Catchment  as outlined in the Upper Lachlan Regional Action Plan 2000(ULRAP 2000) Building on from the incredible interest we have had in our soil workshops over the past 2 years. This project will aim to address these concerns by offering groups of Land managers and Landcarer’s an opportunity to improve access to Knowledge and skills relating to soils. The groups will be small and localised drawing from existing landcare groups and social networks meeting on a regular basis to gain a thorough understanding of everything to do with soil health, soil carbon and human health. Armed with an understanding of soil knowledge these ambassadors will increase the area of improved soil condition including soil carbon in the Upper Lachlan and reinvigorate their Landcare groups.

Project Activities: We anticipate setting up approximately 5 groups of 10-15 participants within Landcare communities around the Upper Lachlan catchment. They will receive training in all aspects of soil health including microbe management, nutrient management and soil carbon; they will also look at the relationships between soil health and human health and receive some training in public speaking, There will be a soil forum at the conclusion which will be open to a further 100 participants. It will be anticipated that some of the workshop participants will be able to speak at the soil forum , possibly in June 2014.

This project will help focus one of our major issues the decline in soil health and loss of productivity as a result. The 50 + workshop participants will start with a baseline assessment of the current state of their soils and will report on the improvements and changes that they make to improve the nutrient and mineral content of their soils. It will also look at the relationship between soil health and human health and it will help re-invigorate and build the capacity of the local Landcare groups within the Upper Lachlan Catchment.

We will be running some information evenings about the upcoming project in August. In the meantime Landcare groups in the Upper Lachlan Catchment who are interested in being part of this project are encouraged to contact Mary or Nerida at Upper Lachlan Landcare or 0459352892.



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