Two Landcare Awards for the “Father” of Landcare Eric Hurn

BK6kbUfCcAEABQoLocal Landcarer recognised for outstanding efforts across two catchments by Mark Selmes

Local landcarer Eric Hurn , has been recognised for his outstanding voluntary achievements at BOTH the Hawkesbury Nepean and Lachlan Catchment Regional Landcare Awards . The Roslyn area is a watershed between these two catchments and the voluntary efforts of Eric and the Roslyn Landcare Group are highly valued by both catchments . Having won two prestigious awards it is hoped Eric will go on to be a finalist at the State Landcare Awards later in the year.

At 85 years young , Eric received these Individual Landcare Awards as recognition for over 40 years planting trees in the area and encouraging others to do likewise.
Eric was co founder of the Roslyn Landcare Group and is currently the groups Project Co- ordinator. Eric is still very much the driving force behind the group and is actively involved in all aspects of landcare from schools tree plantings and environmental awareness days , to sharing his knowledge of planting techniques and suitable species.

Eric was a founding member of the Upper Lachlan Catchment Co-ordinating Committee and played a significant role in the launch of a Regional Action Plan, through his leadership, integrity and local standing in the community.
Eric’s landcare history goes back to the 70’s when he recognised the need for a new approach to past over clearing of productive lands and promoted , with enthusiasm and passion , tree planting and deep rooted perennial pastures reducing groundwater discharge.
Possessing a strong land stewardship ethic and a love of nature, Eric practiced what he preached on his own properties and inspired others to join in projects aimed at linking areas of remnant native vegetation through a vast network of connecting wildlife corridors in the Roslyn area. Participating landholders are undertaking a mix of tree plantings with some excluding remnant patches from stock to help natural regeneration . These efforts are also encouraging the return of birds and other native fauna.
From a teenager in the Depression years working for 22 shillings a week, to one of the districts leading farmers. From having a vision for the future of the area, to being known as the Grandfather of local Landcare . These awards are well deserved (and long overdue! ) for one of the districts most inspiring individuals. Congratulations Eric.

Roslyn Landcare group would also like to thank Helen Ward of HNCMA and Nerida Croker, Mary Bonet and John O’Brien from Upper Lachlan Landcare for their support of both Eric and the RLG over the years.

Roslyn Landcare Group .

IMG_7674 (1024x683)

From the Crookwell Gazette

Here is the videos from the Award presentation at Hawkesbury Nepean

and from the Lachlan Catchment Awards;Click here to view Eric’s story.



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