Roslyn Landcare “Wongadee” Field Day with Lori Gould

THE Roslyn Landcare Group recently held revegetation field day in May with 25 people attending. The field day started at the newly established ‘Wongadee Native Trees’ nursery at Laggan which is owned and operated by Ken and Robyn Wong.


Robyn and Ken began growing trees from local seeds to revegetate their own property. This proved to be very successful and they realised that they could collect enough local seeds to propagate trees for others and the “Wongadee” Nursery grew from there and Robyn believes that they can comfortably supply to the demand of tree growers in the local area. Robyn says that they only use local seeds and only grow the varieties that are proven to grow well in this area.

“My main focus is on varieties which have proven successful for our climate around the Laggan area, eg frost hardy these varieties include Eucalupt species such as Viminalis, Macarthurii, Acaciiformis, Mannifera, Globoidea, Aggregata, Stellulata, Ovata, Camphora, Pauciflora, Acacia species such as Rubida, Dealbata, Melanoxylon ; Casuarina Cunninghamiana and Allocasuarina Verticillata and shrub species Callistemon Citrinus and Hakea Eriantha Due to some demand ,particularly with interest toward cluster projects, I hope to expand stocked varieties of shrub species.” Robyn Said.


Wongadee Native Tree Nursery can grow trees to order sourcing the tree seeds locally and providing their clients with friendly, professional advice on types of trees to source for a particular area. Contact Phone Ken or Robyn Wong at their Laggan nursery on 48373206 email

From the nursery the tour went to the Wong’s farm they have planted a little over 5000P1020708 trees in the last three year were they  have had a impressive n 90 – 95 per cent success rate, however they stress that  it has been a real learning curve. “We have learnt very quickly the best varieties of trees for the best areas on our property.” Robyn Said.

The Wongs have recently completed a Greening Australia Whole of Paddock Restoration Project (WOPR).

P1020702They have taken a 30 acre paddock and planted it entirely with several different varieties of trees. Generally the WOPR projects are done with direct seeding but this is a slightly different approach to the WOPR idea. See our WOPR flyer for more details WOPR brochure.

and these WOPR Videos:
1. Basket case to showcase paddock:

2. The Regeneration Journey

For more information about WOPR projects or other Greening Australia projects Contact;

Lori Gould, Senior Project Manager

Greening Australia Capital Region

PO Box 538, Jamison Centre ACT 2614

Ph: 02 62533035, Mobile: 0439 030 058


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