Whats happening with the willows?

Kiamma Creek Landcare’s Willow removal program of Kiamma Creek has got underway this week with the contractor coming in and starting to remove the willow from Site 1.

site mapdowload detailed site maps

It is amazing to watch contractor, Rod Whitehead and his machine in action as it saws, paints and removes the willow all operated from within the cabin.

Here are a couple of very short videos of the work from yesterday.



and a gallery of photos from site 1

Residents are invited to come and watch the contractors as the willows are removed but are urged to not go anywhere within the taped off area and to keep a good distance as there could be small sticks and limbs travelling outside of this area.

Two of the local primary schools will be visiting the site on Tuesday (St Mary’s and Crookwell Public School) and Crookwell High School Students will be visiting the site on Wednesday.

Revegetation of the site will be taking place as soon as possible with project manager, Genevieve Reardon, anticipating that the work could be completed and planting could take place by the end of the month. Kiamma Creek Landcare are keen to get the schools and community involved in the revegetation. If you are interested in being part of this please get in touch with Barry Murphy 02 48321004 or email mary@upperlachlanlandcare.org.au

Upper Lachlan Landcare plan to give trees in advance of willow removal to landholders in the project zone so that they can get established as soon as possible. Details of this scheme will be available shortly.

All other enquiries about this project should be to the Project Manager, Genevieve Reardon from the Lachlan CMA  ph 0409 077 254

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