Tussock Tamers is back

The highly successful tussock tamers program is back this autumn with plans to make it bigger and better than ever. Starting this Saturday 9th March with a field day at a Tussock Tamers trial site at Ladevale near Gunning which will show case all of the latest control methods with helicopters, drone aircraft, granular products, and everything you ever wanted to know about serrated tussock control. (see flyer From Hoes to Helicopters )

Come and see this weed spraying helicopter on saturday and find out about aerial spraying of tussock and much more
Come and see this weed spraying helicopter on saturday and find out about aerial spraying of tussock and much more

The Tussock Tamer campaign was initiated by the Jerrawa Creek Landcare Group after holding a summit in 2007 to determine the priority issues of landowners in the catchment and no surprises the number one issue was serrated tussock control. From this the innovative group developed a Tussock Tamers campaign aimed at renewing the commitment of community members and land managers to work together to effectively manage the challenges posed by serrated tussock.

Forming a partnership with the Upper Lachlan Shire Council, The Lachlan CMA and Upper Lachlan Landcare the Tussock Tamers campaign of 2011 consisted of 12 Integrated Weed Management workshops attended by over 180 people, field days with 300 attendees and individual farm visits to 50 properties.

Video from Plant and weed Id Day Lerida TSR
The new program which is already underway will include Integrated Weed Management Workshops and field days throughout the catchment. “we are going to introduce some themes to workshops this year” says energetic Jerrawa Creek Secretary, Mr Bob Spiller, “we have started with a workshop targeting women and this was very successful in Gunning last month, other groups we will be targeting will be weekenders, seniors, juniors and a master class for those who already have a good understanding of serrated tussock control but would like to learn about the latest technology and practices.” Mr Spiller Said.

Alison Elvin at the "Whacking weeds wonderfully well for women"  Workshop in Gunning
Alison Elvin at the “Whacking weeds wonderfully well for women” Workshop in Gunning

Whilst Jerrawa Creek Landcare Group has secured the funding for the program “There will be opportunities for Landcare groups within the catchment to host some of the Tussock Tamer activities” said Upper Lachlan Landcare chairperson Nerida Croker. “Heffernan’s Creek Landcare group have put up their hand to host a plant and weed id field day this month and Fullerton Hadley Landcare will be hosting an Integrated Weed Management Workshop in April and we are looking at holding another day with Foggs Crossing Landcare Group at Grabine.  Landcare groups in the catchment are invited to contact us if they are interested in hosting an event.” Mrs Croker Said.

Adding to the incentives of the free field days and workshops will be the chance of winning a free day of weed spraying on your property just by registering to be part of Tussock Tamers. Entry forms and Entry box are located in the Information Centre in Crookwell and at other points around Gunning and Taralga. Terms and conditions of the competition can be found on the Tussock Tamers Website www.tussocktamers.com as well as information about upcoming field days and workshops or you can email mary@upperlachlanlandcare.com.au or phone 0459352892.

Roger and Helen Willoughby with Bob Spiller at Gunning Rural Produce where you can register to win a free day of weed spraying and other prizes.

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