Jerrawa Creek Landcare & Gunning Public School Community Tree planting day


Barbour Park Makeover By Bob Spiller

Recently a mixed group of child and retirement age workers descended on Barbour Park for a major makeover exercise. The group was spearheaded by 16 Gunning Public School students supported by Greening Australia, Jerrawa Creek Landcare Group, the Upper Lachlan Shire Council, Oolong Bush Fire Brigade and local citizens who just wanted to help.

In three hours this team planted over 220 trees, shrubs and ground covers in and around the park area. Yes, Barbour Park was a place of beauty already but this project aims to demonstrate the visual and environmental benefits that strategic plantings of Australian plants can bring to riverine landscapes such as Meadow Creek which flows through the park.

I had been worried that the job would not be able to be completed before sunset. However, it was all done before lunch due in large part to the super efforts of the 16 kids.

Greening Australia’s two organisers, Lori Gould and Jeni Delandre also brought the right skill set to the job. With a lot of experience in large scale landscape planting, both Lori and Jeni have their own children so they had just the right mix of mild mannered mother, motivational manager and martinet to keep things on track. Site preparation by the Upper Lachlan Shire Council’s Ted Alchin, Matt Bush and Mick Wilson played a big part in making the job so easy. President Genevieve has written to Greening Australia and the Council to thank and commend them for their work. We also expect to present small NRM related but appealing gifts to the kids shortly.

And what’s the verdict on the outcome? Only time will tell but all those involved are confident Barbour Park will be even more beautiful in future.

Photos from the Community Tree Planting Day at Barbour Park Gunning with Jerrawa Creek Landcare Group, the Gunning Public School, Greening Australia and the RFS.

From the Jerrawa Creek Landcare Newsletter:

Friday 26 October – Community Tree Planting Day at Barbour Park

In partnership with the Gunning Public School, Greening Australia Capital Region, Upper Lachlan Shire Council, Lachlan CMA and Captain Tery of the Oolong BFB we will be planting around 300 trees, shrubs and ground covers in and around Barbour Park. Here are the essential details:

Start Time: Battle starts at 9am but you are welcome to come along whenever you are able if the official kick off is not suitable for you.

What to Bring: Greening Australia will be supplying all the material our work force will need but if you have a favourite tree planter or mallet for tree guard installation by all means bring it along. Other than that, the sun smart volunteer will have a shady hat and water bottle. During rest periods you may like to loll listlessly on the lush Barbour Park sward – or you may prefer to bring a folding chair.

Rations: Rea and the team at the Merino Café will bring lunch to us in the middle of the day. Recognising that the culinary tastes of members of our workforce will differ Rea is providing a mixture of gourmet wraps and the like together with pies and rolls which she is sure will appeal to our younger workers. Tea and coffee will be on hand as well.

What Will We Have to Do?: Ted Alchin and Messrs Bush Snr and Jnr of the Upper Lachlan Shire Council will have pre dug some 300 holes in the week preceding planting. Greening Australia’s Nicki Taws and Jeni Delandre will be our overseers for the day. We will plant tube stock in the places nominated and put tree guards around them – perhaps in mixed teams of geriatric and child workers. After lunch we may need to do a little more planting but hopefully all that remains to be done is to water in the plants. The Oolong BFB tanker should be on hand to help with this. We should be finished by 3pm.

Our diverse workforce will have some really fit and active people and others of us, although experienced and willing, are no longer up to eight hours of sustained heavy labour. This should be a fun day and all of us should be able to contribute to some degree. Whether that is performing herculean tasks or putting in a few plants for half an hour or so it doesn’t matter. Come along, enjoy the day and do what you feel comfortable with for as little or as long a time as suits you.

RSVP: RSVPs are not really essential. If you know you are definitely coming and expect to be around for lunch you could let me know [4845 8217 or] so I can give Rea a preliminary idea of numbers to be fed. But don’t feel constrained by this. You will be very welcome to just turn up for as little or as long a time as you like whenever you like.

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