Soil Health & Your Wellbeing Crookwell June 4th

soil health and your wellbeing flyer 2

Upper Lachlan Landcare

Invites you to attend a free one day workshop

Soil Health & Your Wellbeing

With three highly informative and inspirational presenters;

 Rhonda Daly,  Dr. Carole Hungerford and Graeme Sait.

When: Monday 4th June 9.30am -4pm

Where: Crookwell Services Club, Crookwell NSW

Morning tea and Lunch will be provided.


Rhonda Daly

A fourth generation farmer, Rhonda Daly came to her purpose in life of healing the soils in 2001 from a medical illness of chronic meningitis and agricultural heavy metal poisoning. During her near death experience Rhonda was guided ‘to heal the soil and help others’. From that point life took on a new meaning and direction.

Rhonda is passionate about restoring soils to a balanced, healthy, biological living system that will produce healthy food, animals and people.  Having witnessed the degradation of soil eco-systems and the negative impact on environmental and human health Rhonda realised that the quality of our food is directly related to the health and nutritional balance of the soil and advocates reducing toxic chemicals in agriculture.

Rhonda will share her journey since her epiphany and inspire everyone to re-think challenging beliefs that are preventing them from living a healthy, thriving life.

Graeme Sait

Graeme Sait is the CEO and co-founder of Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS), a world leader in biological agriculture. He is also an author/educator responsible for over 300 published articles and a popular book, “Nutrition Rules”. He created the internationally acclaimed, four day, Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture and authored the associated, 300+ page training manual. Graeme is a sought-after speaker, specialising is soil health, plant health and animal health. He is also an expert in human nutrition and his fascinating presentations cover every aspect of wellness. These seminars are often described as “life changing” and “inspirational”.

Dr Carole Hungerford

Dr Carole Hungerford (B.A. M.B. B.S. F.A.C.N.E.M) is the celebrated author of “Good Health in the 21st Century” – a monumental work which champions a nutrition-based approach to wellness. Dr Hungerford became committed to nutritional medicine when she recognised that the growth in diet-related illness was matched only by the growth in pharmaceuticals developed to treat such lifestyle illnesses. She is a lecturer for and fellow of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicines (ACNEM) an organisation committed to educating other doctors about the nutritional link to disease.

Please RSVP by 30th May 2012

Mary Bonet ph 0459352892

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