Soil Health and Human Health – go hand in hand together – just like Landcare

Upper Lachlan Landcare is hosting a series of lectures by three inspirational speakers on soil health and human health at the Crookwell Services Club on Monday 4th June.

Speakers include the world recognised Graeme Sait, the co-founder of Queensland company Nutri-Tech Solutions and is a recognised world leader in sustainable agriculture/horticulture. Graeme is a sought-after, keynote speaker at conferences around the world and he is the founder of Radiance, a six-day Wellness Festival that attracts crowds in excess of 12,000.

The Nutri-Tech Solutions approach is based on the relationship between soil health and human health.” If our food producing soils are minerally depleted, biologically inactive and chemically contaminated, then so is our food … and  nutritionists are now claiming that the food we currently consume has just thirty percent of the nutrition found in the food consumed by our Grandparents when they were children.”

The second speaker is Dr Carole Hungerford, author of “Good Health in the 21st Century” an enlightening work which champions a nutrition-based approach to wellness.

Dr Hungerford gave an inspirational presentation at the Landcare Forum in Parkes recently about the health problems associated with modern mass food production and associated farming practices. She argues that when soil health declines and microbe content diminishes, the foods grown on that soil can’t deliver micronutrients crucial for both animal and human health. She presents with charm and wit and is thoroughly engaging. Her best selling book “Good health in the 21st century” will be available for sale on the day.

The third speaker is Rhonda Daly, a fourth generation farmer from Young and the founder of YLAD Living Soils. Rhonda is passionate about restoring soils to a balanced, healthy, biological alive system that will produce healthy plants, animals and people.

Rhonda will speak about how her own health issues led her to realise that the quality of our food is directly related to the health and nutritional balance of the soil. Toxic chemical poisoning was the cause of her illness so Rhonda advocates reducing toxin chemicals in agriculture.

This is a rare opportunity to discover the strategies to improve your production on the farm, your health and your enjoyment of life with three of the most passionate and informed speakers available.

Morning Tea and lunch will be provided so RSVP for this event will be essential. All enquiries to Mary Bonet at Upper Lachlan Landcare ph 0459352892 and email

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