Revegetation On Farms Field Day Crookwell, Laggan

Revegetation on farms field day Crookwell;

On a beautiful sunny day in May 2012 Lost River Landcare with Lori Gould from Greening Australia held a revegetation on farms field day at Tom McCormacks property, Red Hill, near Crookwell with over 50 nearby farmers attending.

It was a great opportunity to learn from someone who has been revegetating with native trees and shrubs on his property for the past 15 years. Tom was able to share his experiences with us about what methods and styles were succesful and what was not as succesful and how he has developed his own aerator machine which he uses instead of ripping.

After looking around Toms Revegetation Projects we went to look at one of Greening Australia’s latest  Whole of Paddock Rehabilitation (WOPR) Sites at  “Bolong” Golspie.

Lori discussed the funding opportunites which are available through Greening Australia at the moment, particuarly the WOPR funding. for details visit Greening Australia.

Revegetation Field Day 8 May 2012

Join Upper Lachlan Landcare, Greening Australia and the Lachlan CMA  at Crookwell and Laggan on 8th May  to learn more about revegetation for wind breaks, stock shelter, erosion control, improving biodiversity and  ‘Whole of Paddock Rehabilitation’( WOPR) and  to find out what funding opportunities are available.

The morning will be spent looking around ‘Red Hill’ (Crookwell )followed by a visit to Bolong’ (Golspie Rd, Laggan) in the afternoon. Lunch and Refreshments provided so please RSVP to  Lori Gould Ph: 6253 3035, 0439 030 058 or by  Email: by 4th May

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