WOPR in the Upper Lachlan

WOPR  (whole of paddock rehabilitation) in the Upper Lachlan

Jerrawa Creek Landcare Group and Greening Australia Capital Region recently hosted a site visit of two neighbouring WOPR sites in the Upper Lachlan Catchment.

The first at Nick and Melissa Clancy’s property “Ladevale”, near Gunning.

The WOPR site is approximately 30ha and was direct seeded in September 2011.

There has already been very good results with a good mixture of seedlings emerging.

Nick Clancy pointing out the emerging seedlings to Don Thomas from Gunning

About 25% of the paddock is direct seeded with a mixture of site specific native trees and shrubs.

The seeding is done along contour lines with spacing of about 10 metres, which can be seen in this picture, allowing good grazing space and access in between the trees. Once the trees have reached a height were they won’t be easily damaged by stock, approximately 5 years,  then grazing can return under a rotational grazing regime.

As part of the WOPR agreement landholders receive stewardship payments to offset some of the production loss over the 5 years whilst the trees are establishing and grazing is restricted.

From this vantage point on Ladevale the second WOPR site can be seen on Rosemary and Bob Spillers property and the Mundoonen Nature Reserve in the distance.

The second WOPR site is  “Woodland” owned by Jerrawa Creek Landcare Secretary Bob Spiller and his wife Rosemary. This  WOPR site was seeded in Spring 2009 and the success of the seeding is now evident with good spacing of approximately 3 metres between trees along the contour lines. There is also evidence of regeneration coming from the remnant vegetation on the edge of the paddock.

Walking through the 2009 WOPR site at “Woodpark”

Rosemary Spiller commented that it was amazing how a bare paddock could be transformed by the direct seeding and how you can start to see how it will have so much more shelter and protection for stock  in the future and that it will eventually be a good paddock for lambing.

For more information about WOPR visit the Greening Australia website.


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